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Discover How To Help Your Child Calm Their Emotions 

If meltdowns or explosions are a normal occurrence...And you've tried to help your child, but nothing is working...

Then I think you are ready for a new way! No doctor appointments! No medications!

Get the step by step instructions YOU NEED to see CHANGE!

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Does This Sound Familiar?


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My Child is fine one minute and freaking out the next.

Where is this behavior coming from? Grounding and taking away electronics don't work anymore.

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My child screams at me and says I don't understand.

I want to help my child.  I can see they are hurting, but when I ask what is wrong, their thinking is irrational.  

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It feels like we can't get along anymore.

Most conversations are an argument.  I can't seem to do anything right. Everything I say is shut down.  Everything I try is pushed away.  She refuses to spend time with the family anymore without rolling her eyes and acting like it's torture. 

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I'm afraid that my child will get labeled at school.

Is my son becoming a bully?  Are the kids afraid of him?  It seems like he is having trouble making friends because of his temper. Even worse, I think the teacher has labelled him as the "problem child" and might be treating him unfairly!  

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Another angry outburst

My child blows up in anger every time a simple request is made like setting the table for dinner.  Then the drama starts and a yelling match. Now, we both feel bad.

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Anxiety attacks

She freaks out over things for no reason.  I don't understand why.  Is this an anxiety attack? Why are some things so difficult for her?  

Mom, I want to tell you
what's going on but
I don't know how.

Sometimes I feel so much anger and I'm
scared.  I really need your help understanding what's going on.



If this sounds like you then I want you to try my 8 week course, where you and your child will learn how to get things back on track.

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The first thing I really want you to know is,


And you don't need to tackle this problem all by yourself!  

I can't give you a magic cure all, where you do one thing and all will be fixed.

But I can tell you, if your child is suffering from their emotions, and you're willing to do the work, then there is hope for a happier household and a happier child.

If your child is dealing with ANGER, ANXIETY, or SENSITIVITIES they need you to help them learn to cope with those feelings!  

Your child doesn't want to feel alone and you can do something about it!

They are trying to find solutions to their problems, but they don't know any other way.

You can help them!

That's where my course comes in! 

The Behavior Management Course:  Empowering Kids to Control Their Emotions

I offer a comprehensive plan that you can do with your child, so both of you can feel empowered and get you on the path to healthy relationships and a healthy life.  

No matter where you're at in your parenting journey, it's never too late to help your child learn to manage these feelings and give them the tools they need to succeed! 


What is the secret sauce to success? 


Watch the FREE webinar to discover MORE about the Behavior Management Program and the secret sauce you need to change behaviors.

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Here Is What You Get With The Course:

  • 9 Modules

  • 45 Lessons

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Easy to follow videos

  • Work at your own pace

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • A variety of approaches to tackle all the issues

  • No stigma or embarrassment

  • Parent's perspective

  • Lifetime course access

  • Parent support group

  • Group coaching calls

  • Researched proven techniques that work

Jennifer Miller says,

Kristina has encouraged me to have more grace for my child’s moods and emotions, while also supporting me through the ups and downs of parenting.  I look forward to learning more from her!

With Kristina’s help, my daughter developed a sense of mastery and confidence.  Kristina’s lesson plans were easy to follow, organized and designed to help!

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The Behavior Management Course:

Empowering Children To Control Their Emotions

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Take A Quick Peak Inside the Members Area! 


See For Yourself What You're Getting Inside My Complete Behavior Management Course: Empowering Kids to Control Their Emotions


Anne Hayes says,

Kristina of The Impactful Parent is a unique parent of 4 children who brings insightful information to especially parents who are navigating a busy and often challenging life with their children! Through her online videos, courses, and training, she effectively facilitates learning that is accessible 24/7! Her personable, patient and gentle style is refreshing!

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This is a 9 Module, Step-by-Step Video Training Course that walks you through how to manage:

Angry Outbursts

Your Child Isolating

Your Child Not Listening To You

Irrational Thoughts Your Child Is Having

How To Work With The Strong-Willed Child

Discipline Techniques Not Working and Implementing Ones That Do

How To Create Connection Again So That Your Relationship Doesn't Fail

PLUS- You get 24/7 instant and Lifetime Access (including all updates).

Literally Step-by-Step training.  Nothing Left out!

Membership In A Growing Community To Help And Encourage You In Your Transformation!

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Here is why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore these behaviors and why a counselor is NOT ENOUGH.

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In a counselor’s office, the sessions are typically done with the child ALONE. This course is designed for the parent and child to do TOGETHER.   This collaboration provides the parent with a transparent knowledge of what the child is doing and learning.  This course puts YOU, the parent, back in the driver’s seat, instead of dropping your child off and hoping that the counselor can fix it by themselves.  

Now, don’t get me wrong- counseling is fantastic!  I highly encourage the help of a health care professional, but I ALSO WOULDN’T RELY ON THEM TO “FIX EVERYTHING” ON THEIR OWN.  The progress of a health care professional can be slow.  WHY NOT double up on the help?

The Behavior Management course also allows the parent and child to spend quality time together and strengthen your relationship bonds.  The best SOLUTION is to learn the skills your child needs TOGETHER so you can SUPPORT your child in their transformation, instead of leaving them to fend change by themselves.  Impactful parents are pillars of support for their children and go beyond dropping them off at the therapist’s office.  Here is your chance to COLLABORATE, learn and support your child.   Your child needs YOU. 

What happens if my child struggles and DOES NOT get the support & tools they need?

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Your Child Can Develop and Grow These Symptoms:

  • Negative Self-Image
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Feelings of Helplessness
  • Feelings of Worthlessness
  • Labelled a Bully or Weird
  • Self-defeating Behaviors
  • Nightmares
  • Impulsiveness
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Panic Attacks


The Result?  More distance between you and your child.  

A failed relationship.

It's amazing how far you can go with the right tools, support & encouragement! 

Kristi Espineira says,

Kristina is one of the most positive and energetic people I know! She has abundant energy and fantastic ideas. She’s a thoughtful listener, a great communicator, and a creative problem-solver. Those skills, along with her hands-on experience as a mom of four kids, make her a wonderful resource for parents!

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There Is A Solution!

The tools you need are in this course! 
Help your child gain back control of their emotions, bring peace back into your home and connect meaningfully with your child!

Start Helping Your Child Today!


  • How to identify triggers 
  • How to tolerate uncomfortable feelings
  • How to connect thoughts and actions
  • How to build resilience
  • Coping skills
  • How to identify thinking traps
  • The foundations of discipline
  • How to implement reward systems and consequences
  • How to talk to your child to be more effective
  • Researched proven tools and techniques that really work
  • and much much more!
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But what is the cost, you might be thinking?

Tuition for a program with ALL these features or co-pays from seeing professionals can run you in the thousands $$$.

This course is actually valued at $2,500!

But I am a parent too, and I know that no matter how badly we want to help our kids, sometimes mental health takes a back seat to other issues.

That's why I set the tuition for my course at just $197 !!!!

๐Ÿ‘‡  What You Get!  ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Yeah, you read that right.

I don't want parent to have fears about money or how to fit in counseling sessions without missing too much time at work.

As parents we have a lot on our plate but that doesn't mean we have to put our kids mental health on the back burner.  Now, you have a solution!

Get Started Today By Clicking Here!

Barbara Washington says,

I have had the privilege of observing Kristina's authentic passion, commitment, and empathy for children and their families first hand. Kristina is enthusiastically raising awareness of real parenting topics that are impacting our children as they brave the nuances of the 21st century. Join the conversation!

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But That's Not All!

Bonus #1: FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call With Kristina

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Imagine just how much easier it will be to join the group when you start by meeting Kristina!

  • FEEL COMFORTABLE because you already know someone in the group BEFORE it starts!
  • This personal coaching session is your opportunity to tell Kristina more about your goals, concerns, and worries on a personal level. Everything is confidential and gets you started on the right foot!   PRICELESS!

Bonus #2: 'Is My Child Doing Drugs' program.

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A Step-by-Step program for learning about 15+ popular drugs and how to discover if your child is using them.

Have Peace of Mind. Be Prepared.

I don't have to tell you how important it is to discover drug use early.  Even if you don't think your child is using, get educated on drugs, uses, and HOW TO FIND DRUGS before you need it!


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Hi! I'm Kristina Campos,

My SUPERPOWER is helping parents.

Watch My Video ยป
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I am a parent too!

I have a passion for education and helping children. I am a certified teacher, a member of the Board of Trustees of two different schools, owner of The Impactful Parent LLC, and I juggle raising four amazing kids of my own.  My dedication and experience with K-12 children have inspired me to pay it forward.  Join The Impactful Parent community!

Carol Smith says,

Kristina's motivation and drive are an inspiration to me.  Kristina always strives for excellence in her teaching and is passionate about working with children and their families.  Kristina manages her classroom in a caring, compassionate manner while exhibiting the highest level of professionalism. 

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So if you're a parent with a child who...

  • goes from Zero to 100 with their emotions,
  • your child is between the ages of 7-17,
  • has trouble with:
    • Anger management
    • Anxiety
    • Over-excitabilities
    • Poor decision-making
    • Exaggerated emotions


then this course is for YOU!

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  • A home without the yelling
  • Seeing your child's smile everyday
  • Your child making better choices
  • No more phone calls from school and looking forward to hearing about their day
  • A stronger relationship
  • No more worrying



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